What is a People Catalyst? Someone who innovates by bringing a team through ideation and implementation.

MOVERS are early adopters and doers. They are the 15% of people who will say “YES” to an idea.

SHAKERS are early adopters and thinkers. They love breaking the status quo.

PROVERS are later adopters and thinkers. They can let you know the possible roadblocks to new ideas.

MAKERS are later adopters and doers. They execute plans and are the key to implementation.

Together, they make up Team Dimensions, one of the many tools The People Catalysts can provide.

So which one are you?

Take the assessment and find out.

Our Future People Catalysts

Our students are the future People Catalysts. Every student needs access to online resources. We are dedicated to helping schools, non-profits, and other organizations provide qualifying families free internet-connected devices.


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