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This is the second of an 8-part series exploring how to be a People Catalysts.  In the series we focus on “ME”, or on your individual core nature; “WE” being two people with different strengths interacting; “US” which is a team working together; and “ALL” which is how to work as an entire organization. This episode focuses on being a Shaker: what your strengths are, what is your peak work, what motivates you, and what ...

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Selling To Zebras with Jeff Koser

Who are the zebras in your world, and how do you sell to them?  And can I use Artificial Intelligence to help me in sales?  Jeff Koser has the answers.  He is the CEO of Selling to Zebras, Inc. and can teach us all about closing deals with your top revenue-producing customers, your Zebras. Jeff is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/sellingtozebras?lang=en and LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-koser-4a3911a0/ Listen to the podcast here: Selling To Zebras with Jeff Koser Karla Nelson:  ...

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The Sales/Ops Tug-of-War

  There is an age-old conflict between sales and operations.  Every organization has some instance of this, where one group is pressing forward and making promises to the world, while another group is saying those promises cannot be met.  How do you solve this problem? Once you know The WHO-DO, it only takes a couple of minutes to get everyone on the same sheet of music! In this episode, we hear about using the WHO-DO ...

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The Dos And Dont’s Of Implementing Technology – Part 1

  The ideation of adopting new technology is that 15% of the population will say yes to an idea right away, but after you’ve got it working, it’s time for implementing the technology and making iterations going forward. The early adopters are usually the ones who are open to using the new process and the late adopters are the ones who push back. The paradox is the more slowly you teach it, the faster it ...

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