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Building Resiliency with Todd Palmer

The Importance of Building Resiliency With Todd Palmer In this episode Karla and Todd share stories to impress the importance of being resilient in business.  As a 25-year entrepreneur, business coach, keynote speaker & author, Todd Palmer made it his WHY to Improve Lives.  He does this by teaching, guiding & empowering entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders on how to take the complex and make it simple regarding human capital. He guides us to adopt a ...

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Importance of Passion in Work

Importance of Passion in Work In this episode Karla, Alaina and Andrew discuss how important it is that an employee’s passion is aligned in the workplace and how productive they are when they feel comfortable and supported in their surroundings.  Andrew Sherman serves as a legal and strategic advisor to both leaders of Fortune 500 companies and founders of rapid growth, emerging businesses in the areas of business planning, corporate finance, Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) ...

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