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What’s YOUR Why?

What’s YOUR Why? Everyone knows when they were born. Only a lucky few find out WHY. Before you do anything else in your life or business, you need to know your WHY. Special Offer!  Discover your personal WHY at half price using the code “PODCAST50”! Dr. Gary Sanchez’ Personal “WHY + HOW + WHAT” is “Better Way + Clarify + Simplify.” His WHY is to “find a better way and share it.” HOW he does that ...

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The Golden Circle with David Mead

You won’t want to miss this episode of The People Catalysts Podcast as David Mead shares his story and more.  Ten years ago, David’s employer brought in a little-known speaker, at the time, Simon Sinek, to train their team. David “Got” what Simon was teaching after only one session.  In response to David’s enthusiasm, Simon asked David what he was doing at 5AM ‘before his REAL job’…and the rest is history.  David worked with Simon ...

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