This assessment determines whether you are a Mover, Shaker, Prover, or a Maker…or a Oner (1% of the population that 100% of work is made for 1%).  Hence, the reason 70% of people HATE their jobs (Gallup, 2018).  Only 1% of the population can come up with the idea, choose the best idea, or set of ideas, poke all the holes in the idea, and implement the idea when it’s at a mature stage.  The other 99%  of us are dominant in one core nature of work.

You will receive an email with your results

You will receive an email with your results shortly.  If the email goes to your spam folder, please white label this email address:  This is a beta version of The WHO-DO Assessment, so your results may be different from the fully validated the assessment.  We’ll keep you posted when the fully validate assessment is completed.

Do you want to learn more about The WHO-DO Method and what it means to be a People Catalyst?  We recorded a training session that included…

  • The WHO-DO Method and how to maximize the 4 core natures of work
  • Who you are and how you can tap into your core nature of work
  • Red, Green and Yellow light relationships and why things blow up in the work place that cost you time, money, and energy.



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