Start by taking the assessment.  Finish by revolutionizing work.

Join a select group to validate the test that transforms WeakWork to PeakWork.

The WHO-DO assessment identifies your core nature of work.  Are you a Mover, a Shaker, a Prover, or a Maker?  It is based on the law of diffusion of innovations and 100+ years of research.

It’s not about your job. It’s about your core nature; what parts of the work do you love and do best?  Traditional management has designed jobs so that only 1% of the people can do the whole job well.

The other 99% of us suffer through our WeakWork, which is slow, boring and miserable; and then zoom through our PeakWork, which is fast and fun.  After we’re done with it, we have nothing left for the rest of the day, except WeakWork.

No wonder 70% of people hate their jobs.

(According to a Gallup poll of Americans in 2018.  In 2017, the number of people worldwide who hate their job was 85%.)

Taking the assessment:

You will see 12 groups of 4 statements.  Rate the four statements by which is most like you (1) to least like you (4).  It usually takes about 10 minutes, and you will receive results immediately!

The People Catalysts have helped everyone from Startups to Fortune 100 Corporations improve 3 to 8 times.  Our case studies show a small sample of accomplishments we have helped our clients achieve.  And yes, 70% of Americans hate their job.  Worldwide, that number jumps to an astonishing 85%.  This is from a poll conducted by Gallup.  The WHO-DO Method can help your company overcome this problem.

Partial Client List

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