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Better Selling Through Storytelling Method

Better Selling Through Storytelling Method

John Livesay, aka “The Pitch Whisperer,” conducted a Masterclass with Karla Nelson, and it was amazing!  Watch the replay here and learn the secrets behind your perfect elevator pitch.

At the end of the Masterclass, John spent a few minutes talking about his Better Selling Through Storytelling Method online course. I’d like to take a minute to give you my thoughts on this. (Spoiler alert – it’s amazing.)

In his course, John helps you find your story, which you will use when closing deals and gaining clients.

The course is easy to digest, with 10 video modules and a quick quiz at the end of each, driving home the tried-and-true storytelling techniques that John clearly walks you through from beginning to end.

If you often feel like an annoying pest when selling you or your product, you need John to help you become a welcome guest.


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