Mark Haney

Episode 8: Key Strategies for Growing Your Business, with Mark Haney

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and investor who's built several multi-million dollar companies. In the nineties, he purchased a video rental store business and grew it to twelve locations. A few years later, Mark, with his brother, acquired a professional video and surveillance reseller which they grew to over $200 million in annual revenue and nearly 300 employees. In 2010, Mark led the merger of the two largest independent security distributors in the US resulting in a company with annual sales of over $400 million. The combined group is now part of the largest security distributor in the world.

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Clifton Anderson

Episode 7: Creating a Deliberate Culture, with Clifton Anderson

Clifton Anderson is Founder and CEO of Treasure Holders International, which was founded to empower highly successful individuals to match their business mind with a leader's heart. As an executive coach, he has guided business leaders throughout the world to achieve remarkable results and lasting influence. Prior to forming his own consulting firm, Clifton served as a senior executive of three world-class, multibillion-dollar companies including serving as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of The Wonderful Company, which owns Fiji Water, POM Wonderful, and Teleflora, among other brands. He reached this position 17 years faster than the typical CFO of a major company. Clifton has been retained by such organizations as General Electric, Dell, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Amgen, First Solar, Broadcom, Amerijet, and the City of Commerce. He has advised dozens of diverse industries in twenty-five countries on four continents. He holds an M.B.A. from the Wharton School, where he received the prestigious Dean Patrick Harker Leadership Award - the highest honor bestowed upon a graduating student. Clifton resides in Southern California.

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Greg Zlevor

Episode 6: How to Create a Good Team Dynamic, with Greg Zlevor

Greg Zlevor is the CEO, President, and Founder of Westwood International, a consulting collaborative that's reimagining what it means to lead wisely in a global age. Westwood's signature, global-scale action learning programs and change management initiatives have energized the vision of global brands like Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Volvo, Pfizer, the Singapore Police Force, BARD and General Electric.

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Solocast Episode 1

Episode 5: How to be More Effective in Your Business, with Karla Nelson and Allen Fahden

Anyone who knows Karla Nelson describes her as an experience. She is as close as a human being can ever be to a human doing. It’s simple. She finds an idea that’s different and valuable, and then she builds it with a team. Swiftly, and relentlessly. She does this by a rare process of how to fit people together, that goes far beyond just connecting them. Karla has built several businesses since her early twenties and learned that in business and in life, “Relationships Are Everything.” And now she had put it all in a form that’s easy to learn and use: The People Catalysts.

When the world zigs, Allen Fahden zags. His first book introduced the unifying theory of creativity. Using his own method he created the one book bookstore and got media exposure in front of 50 million people without doing anything. Next, he launched the first strength-to-strength work process that gets three to eight times more done in less time. He beat Gallup and the Strengths Finder by five years. One company used his method to take their division from $20 million to $60 million in two years, while the rest of the company was flat. His clients include Jeff Bezos of Amazon and dozens more.

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Parker Lee

Episode 4: The Principles of Business Design, with Parker Lee

President of the design consultancy, Compass52 and co-author of The Art of Opportunity, Parker Lee is a veteran of the technology, entertainment, and sports marketing industries. Most recently, Parker was president and executive vice president of business development at XPLANE. During his eight-year tenure there, he was responsible for leading sales and marketing efforts, which under his leadership, enjoyed significant annual growth -- and delivering innovative design thinking engagements for global clients.

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