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Happiness is Profitable

Happiness Is Profitable Is Happiness really Profitable?  Can you measure and prove it?  Chris Handley did.  Listen in to see how it’s done. Craig Handley is an author of a bestselling book called Hired To Quit, he is a musician who expects to write music for artists all over the world, a bit of a comedian who has done Stand Up on Broadway, and he moonlights as CEO of his company ListenTrust, which was named ...

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How to Leverage Financial Possibilities Post-COVID

How to Leverage Financial Possibilities Post-COVID with Dr. Money Do you now how to leverage or finance assets the most efficient way?  Dr. Stephanie Ardrey (aka Dr. Money) can teach you how! Dr. Ardrey is the CEO/President of Blu Diamond Group, Inc., including: Blu Diamond Advisory, Blu Diamond Capital, and Blu Diamond Properties.  As an entrepreneur, she has maintained impeccable market vision and has conceptualized and launched multiple business ventures. Her entrepreneurial and corporate experience ...

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