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Leadership Team Development: Free Team Assessment

Leadership Team Development

Your leadership team must know who is on the team for great development.  We at The People Catalysts compiled over 100 years of research into the law of diffusion of innovations and mixed in our own experience to develop the WHO-DO Assessment™.  Do you know if you or your team members are a Mover, Shaker, Prover or Maker?  With our assessment, you will understand the core nature of you and your team.

For a limited time, while we validate the results, you can take the assessment for free!


Leadership Team Assessment Podcast

We recorded the introductory webinar all about knowing your core nature of work, which is vital to development of your leadership and your team. Listen in here!


The way we work hasn’t changed since the 19th Century.  We aim to revolutionize the way work is done.

“According to Gallup’s World Poll, many people in the world hate their job…”

“…roughly 70% of American workers aren’t engaged.  It would change the world if we did better.” – Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, Gallup

What if we can change “This place sucks!” to “LEAVING this place sucks!”?

Myth #1: This Looks Hard

Truth: It may at first glance, but the minute you get into it, you realize this is just common sense and giving words and processes to something you already know and believe in.

The WHO-DO™ is based on the law of diffusion of innovations.

We started with early adopters and later adopters, then added the fact some people naturally analyze and think about things (the Thinkers of the world) while others naturally focus on accomplishing things (the Doers of the world).  Movers are the early adopters who like to get things done. They push ideas forward.  Shakers are early adopters who like to think things through.  They generate new ideas.  Provers are later adopters who analyze ideas.  They can tell you what could go wrong before you ever implement an idea.  Makers are later adopters who focus on results.  They eat checklists for breakfast.

Myth #2: It will Take Too Much Time

You can learn most of The WHODO™ in an few hours.  You’ll get that time back in your first two hour meeting that will now only take you 20 minutes.

It only takes about 10 minutes to complete the assessment.  The podcast is about 1 hour, unless you listen to it at double speed!  Once you complete the podcast, let us know and we will enroll you in our online training.  It is a little under 2 hours of video.  Our case studies show several examples of how organizations have implemented the WHO-DO™ and saved significant time while performing 3 to 8 times better.

Myth #3: You Need To Have a Huge Team

We have solo-preneurs (companies of one person only) using The WHO-DO Method with their remote teams.  Remote doesn’t mean full-time, or even part-time.  Even people who sell you coffee or office supplies can be your team members.  We routinely run questions through friends, family, or even casual associates we know have the core nature of work we are looking for.  Need  a new idea?  Engage the Shakers in your world!  Need to prioritize or choose the right idea?  Find your Movers!  Want to know what could go wrong?  Provers are you answer!  Ready to engage with someone to follow your checklist?  Push this work to the Makers, they’ll love it!  You probably already know someone with each of these skills.

Team Development through Leadership

1% of the population is capable of doing all 4 core natures of work.  The rest of us are Movers, Shakers, Provers and Makers.  The world record for a 400-meter run is 43.03 seconds.  The average high school track relay team can meet this same time, because they specialize in each part of the relay.  When everyone is working in their core nature you will achieve 3 to 8 times the performance with complete buy in.

Take the assessment, listen to the podcast, join us in revolutionizing how work is done!


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