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ATTRACTION MARKETING SECRETS How do you go from hating your job and hitting the snooze button all morning long to filming your own advertisements in Vietnam? Listen to Erin’s fun story and learn her secrets! Erin Markosky (mainly known as “A-a-ron” from the Key & Peele Substitute Teacher episode) is a 26-year-old online affiliate marketer and business owner. She specializes in paid advertising and attraction marketing on social media, and runs her own affiliate marketing ...

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Which 3 People Do You Need In Every Business?

Which 3 People Do You Need In Every Business? with Ernesto Sirolli   How is one Italian responsible for over 50,000 companies around the world, and how did that all start from an over-regulated fishing village in Australia? Dr. Ernesto Sirolli is one of the world’s leading consultants on the topic of economic development. He started working in the field of International Aid in Africa in 1971 and has since worked in Australia, New Zealand, ...

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Better Selling Through Storytelling Method

Better Selling Through Storytelling Method John Livesay, aka “The Pitch Whisperer,” conducted a Masterclass with Karla Nelson, and it was amazing!  Watch the replay here and learn the secrets behind your perfect elevator pitch. At the end of the Masterclass, John spent a few minutes talking about his Better Selling Through Storytelling Method online course. I’d like to take a minute to give you my thoughts on this. (Spoiler alert – it’s amazing.) In his ...

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Incredible Parents Create Incredible Leaders Masterclass

Dr. Ryan Darby and Brandon Miller conducted a Masterclass on Parenting and Leadership!  There is some GREAT information here! Would you like to know more? Website:  https://incrediblefamily.com/ You can also hear the podcast with Karla, Brandon, and Dr. Ryan at https://thepeoplecatalysts.com/incredible-parents-create-incredible-leaders/

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Make Remote Work with Clare Price

Make Remote Work Going remote is not just about your team, it’s also about your customers.  Clare Price has been working remotely since the 80s and talks with Karla about how to Make Remote Work. Clare Price is CEO of Octain, a global strategic planning consultancy that helps small and mid-market companies grow to dominate their markets by Fueling the Speed of Businessä. She started working remotely in the 1980s as a tech reporter for ...

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7 Tips on Preparing to Host an Online Meeting

7 Tips on Preparing to Host an Online Meeting Meetings are difficult enough when they are live.  Now, “Social Distancing” is pushing everyone to virtual connections.  Welcome to the world of telecommuting!  Some choose to telecommute, and some have telecommuting thrust upon them.  Either way, this is our new reality. You may have already attended or hosted your own virtual meeting.  If so, you will recognize some of the most common faux pas of online ...

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F-This Revisited

Michael Gerber wrote the E-Myth. 9 years later he Revisited the E-Myth. He immediately set the tone of the book by saying: “If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business, you own a job. And it’s the worst job in the world because you’re working for a lunatic.”   “F-This Revisited” is all about the FRUSTRATION you feel trying to get things done, and how to overcome that frustration.   A huge advantage in overcoming ...

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Episode 39

Episode 39: Ideation to Implementation: 1 of 2 The first of a 2-part series on turning a new idea into a reality.  We look at using The WHO-DO Method to bring new ideas to life. Specifically, we talk about employing new software, and how to adopt new technology when you are wondering what to do.  We explore the real reason as to why you need each of the four core natures. Each core nature has a built-in paradox that challenges implementing new technology. How does that affect your organization? New technology can help you automate with new technology, but you must follow 3 steps.  1: Know your objectives and requirements well. 2: Trust your provers to make it better.  3: Use The WHO-DO Method.

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