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Incredible Parents Create Incredible Leaders Masterclass

Dr. Ryan Darby and Brandon Miller conducted a Masterclass on Parenting and Leadership!  There is some GREAT information here! Would you like to know more? Website:  https://incrediblefamily.com/ You can also hear the podcast with Karla, Brandon, and Dr. Ryan at https://thepeoplecatalysts.com/incredible-parents-create-incredible-leaders/

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7 Tips on Preparing to Host an Online Meeting

7 Tips on Preparing to Host an Online Meeting Meetings are difficult enough when they are live.  Now, “Social Distancing” is pushing everyone to virtual connections.  Welcome to the world of telecommuting!  Some choose to telecommute, and some have telecommuting thrust upon them.  Either way, this is our new reality. You may have already attended or hosted your own virtual meeting.  If so, you will recognize some of the most common faux pas of online ...

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