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20180322 Episode 31

Episode 31: Me-We-Us-All, Part 2 of 8: The Shaker

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The second of an 8-part series exploring how to be a People Catalysts.  In the series we focus on “ME”, your individual core nature; “WE” being two people with different strengths interacting; “US”, a team working together; and “ALL”, how to work as an entire organization.

This episode focuses on The Shaker: what a shaker’s strengths are, what is your peak work, what motivates you, and what you need to stay away from.

The Shaker is the early adopter who likes to think big thoughts and create new ideas to solve problems.  The Shaker is the power button on your remote control.  

Listen in as Karla Nelson interviews Allen Fahden as a Shaker…and the fun part is that Allen is a Shaker!

What you’ll learn about in this episode, all relating to a Shaker:

  • What parts of the work will bring out your magnificence?
  • What should you say “YES” to?
  • What should you say “NO” to?
  • WHO is your natural inbox?
  • WHO is your natural outbox?
  • What phase of work do you excel at and what leaves you energized?
  • What phase of work drains you?
  • What can you do to not take on weak work?

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