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Episode 32

Episode 32: Me-We-Us-All, Part 3 of 8: The Prover

The third of an 8-part series exploring how to be a People Catalyst.  In the series we focus on “ME”, your individual core nature; “WE” being two people with different strengths interacting; “US”, a team working together; and “ALL”, how to work as an entire organization.

This episode focuses on The Prover:  What are a your strengths? What is your peak work? What motivates you?  What work do you need to stay away from?

The Prover is the late adopter who is a thinker.  Prover’s love to identify potential problems with an idea.  The Prover is the rewind button on your remote control.

Listen in as Karla Nelson interviews Allen Fahden as a Prover.

What you’ll learn about in this episode, all relating to a Prover:

  • What parts of the work will bring out your magnificence?
  • What should you say “YES” to?
  • What should you say “NO” to?
  • WHO is your natural inbox?
  • WHO is your natural outbox?
  • What phase of work do you excel at and what leaves you energized?
  • What phase of work drains you?
  • What can you do to not take on weak work?

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