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Episode 13: The Value of Being Authentic, with Don Osmond

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You won’t want to miss today’s guest on The People Catalysts’ Podcast, Don Osmond. As the son of Donny Osmond, Don learned a lot about marketing growing up in the media and entertainment spotlight. He’s taken those lessons and moved elements of his learnings to the business world. Listen in as we discuss the three key relationship elements you must have in any successful marketing campaign.

Marketing professional, speaker, and writer Don Osmond focuses on authentic marketing to help businesses develop sound branding strategies. Widely regarded as a marketing and communications thought leader, he works with clients to develop the genuine narrative of their companies, which becomes the foundation for their branding and messaging. Son to international entertainment icon Donny Osmond, his approach to marketing incorporates lessons from the entertainment industry. After years of education and experience, he knows firsthand that good marketing requires truth-telling and invitation, not spin. Don believes that authenticity is the only true value proposition that a company can offer, so he serves his clients by developing genuine story-based marketing and authentic marketing strategies. Don lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Jessica and two tiny storytellers-in-training, Truman and Leo. He loves hiking, biking, and camping, all of which are easily accomplished in this city full of green spaces.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Don knew he was going to be an entrepreneur
  • Why the number of social media followers you have no longer matters
  • The power of hearing from a ‘real’ person rather than an automated response
  • How catastrophes can be opportunities for great marketing
  • The importance of being authentic
  • Why integrity, authenticity, and tenacity are important characteristics to look for in people
  • Why, as marketers, we need to be able to have conversations with everyone
  • Why you need to do the research to find out what’s important to your clients
  • The value of being able to tell a story
  • The best way to engage with a new potential client
  • What the Authentic Marketing Cooperative is and how it brings creative types together
  • Why your internal team is critical to any venture

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