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Episode 36

Episode 36: Me-We-Us-All, Part 7 of 8:  All

The 7th of an 8-part series exploring how to be a People Catalyst.  In the series we focus on “ME”, your individual core nature; “WE”, two people with different strengths interacting; “US”, a team working together; and “ALL”, how to work as an entire organization.

This episode focuses on “All”.  How we function as an organization.

Listen in as Karla Nelson interviews Allen Fahden on a day can look like when you are task-focused instead of role-focused.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • What is function management vs. role management?
  • What does a “task-focused” day look like?
  • If you are a Mover, what would an ideal person-focused day look like?
  • If you are a Shaker, what would an ideal person-focused day look like?
  • In a person-focused day, what would it look like for a Prover?
  • What would role-management look like for a Maker?
  • Authenticity:  “How can you get meaningful work done when you’re worried about the person in the office next to you?”

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