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Episode 40

Episode 40: Ideation to Implementation: 2 of 2

The second of a 2-part series on turning a new idea into a reality.  We look at using The WHO-DO Method to bring new ideas to life. Specifically, we talk about breaking 150 years of bad habits.  We have some fun stories like “what are my instructions?” and how that was answered by a Shaker, and then a Prover. Also, the big shift in who is on point for the Implementation phase, and how that differs from the Ideation phase.  

Questions we will answer in this episode:

  • How does the Ideation stage differ from the Implementation stage?
  • Why does your team actually work against you when you roll out a new plan?
  • Who is the interpreter between Shakers and Provers?
  • Who is the interpreter between Movers and Makers?
  • Who is on point for the Ideation phase?
  • Who is on point for the Implementation phase, and why?
  • Why do we have to throw away 80% of the work we do, and how to stop that destructive practice?
  • Why when a leader rolls out a new idea, no one adopts it, or they are dragged kicking and screaming through the rollout?

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  • Email: next@karlanelson.com

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