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Episode 2: Culture is What You Do, with Craig Hettrich

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Craig Hettrich leads 3 CEO Peer Advisory Groups for Renaissance Executive Forums- Greater Sacramento and is a Gazelles International CEO Strategic Advisor. He provides premium CEO peer learning environments and serves as a catalyst and mentor to CEOs in developing highly differentiated and thriving businesses.

Craig has over 30 years of experience as a CEO, President and Senior Sales and Marketing executive in the Food Industry. Craig’s career includes positions of increasing leadership positions with Nestle and General Mills as well the role of President of American Seafoods International and of Eskimo Pie Inc. Until recently Craig had spent the last 4 years as CEO of Sacramento based Java City.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Why smaller businesses need help focusing in on what they need to change to reach the next level
  • The lessons Craig learned at Nestle that made him realize that he wanted to focus on mentorship in his career
  • How Craig helps business owners that succeeded but need more knowledge to grow their businesses
  • How Craig helps teams figure out their structure
  • Why your core values have to widely known
  • Craig’s behavioral profile
  • Why culture is what you do — not what you say
  • How Craig coaches business owners and their teams to allow the owners to step back from controlling all aspects of their business
  • A story of how Craig brought together divisions of Nestle that weren’t working together well
  • Why taking off your “sales hat” is sometimes the best way to make a sale
  • How to make the decision on who to partner with
  • Why leadership skills are more important than anything else

Ways to contact Craig:

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