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Episode 3: Successful Teamwork Strategies, with Randy Haykin

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Randy Haykin is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, and educator who lives and works in the Bay Area. Randy currently is a Chair for Vistage, a global organization that facilitates CEO/leader peer groups. Randy facilitates a Vistage group in the Bay Area with 12 high-profile growth CEOs.

In 2011, Randy co-founded the philanthropic venture entity The Gratitude Network to mentor social entrepreneurs globally. Today the organization has nearly 70 volunteers and has worked with more than twenty high-impact entrepreneurs. The organization’s focus is on children and education.

Randy co-founded Outlook Ventures a $200m early-stage tech fund in 1997. The fund invested in over 30 companies and had numerous portfolio exits. Randy founded Haykin Capital in 2006 to provide mentor capital to early stage entrepreneurs and has funded over 30 angel deals to date.

Prior to Gratitude and Outlook, Randy served as founding VP of Marketing & Sales at Yahoo and played early roles at Overture, NetChannel, Electric Minds, and AOLs Greenhouse program, a successful venture incubator. He has also held management roles at Apple Corporation, Paramount/Viacom.

For the past 6 years, Randy has taught courses on innovation, entrepreneurship and finance at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business as well as Cambridge U. Judge School of Business. He holds a BA in Organizational Studies from Brown University, magna cum laude, and an MBA from Harvard.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The catalysts that brought Randy to work with entrepreneurs
  • How he brought exposure to himself when he was just starting out
  • Why culture is the core of any great team
  • How his time at Yahoo taught him the importance of a common rallying cry
  • The different types of values that culture can be built around
  • The story of how the culture of Netflix was created
  • Why Randy works best when he takes on the mentor or coach role in a team
  • Tips for finding your own strength in team settings
  • The importance of delegating responsibility
  • His three tiered approach to helping teams work together to achieve goals
  • Teamwork strategies for setting and achieving goals
  • Randy’s process of creative group problem solving for when there is pushback and/or disagreements
  • The criteria for recipients of The Gratitude Network’s Gratitude Awards
  • The supports and resources that are provided to recipients of Gratitude Awards
  • How to apply for an award and how to become a mentor
  • Why it’s important to treat everyone with respect and to create lasting relationships

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